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Catherine Meng’s “LOST WORKBOOK W/LETTERS TO DEER” March 4, 2009

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This dusie kollektiv chapbook especially struck my fancy from its unique design to its charming title to the quirky curios within.  I can visualize these adorable little booklets spilling out of slightly misshapen baskets at craft fair tables, mixed with multicolored fabric poppies or battered pointe shoes.  I can see them at bake sale tables accompanied by giant blonde brownies and tiny lime crèmes.  I can see them snuck into public lavatories, placed slightly askew atop shiny silver dispensers for pink hand soap.  I can visualize them at a Rasputina concert in a white wicker basket with Victorian hankies and vials of strange notions & potions. 

The retro looking sewing instruction cover and ever so slightly crooked pages strike me as both endearing and well-crafted.  I feel like I’m privy to a quaint personal art project.  I feel like I’m holding precision ephemera.  I hear the click of knitting needles and feel the silky wisp of vintage seam binding remnants.  The poems function based on their own peculiar logic and complement each other well.  They seem both curiously amusing and quite significant in their own odd way. 

This chapbook puts me in mind of pinking shears carefully cutting serrated edges.

Reviewed by Juliet Cook


Statement of Purpose November 15, 2008

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The idea is to write a review, even a small one, for each chapbook in this year’s Dusie kollectiv.

The first two Dusie chapbooks have just been mailed to the kollectiv, but within the next few months dozens of chapbooks will circulate all over the globe and they will all eventually be available as .pdfs on the Dusie website. I imagine the time frame for completing the Review project will be about a year, but of course reviews can continue to trickle in as long as reviewers are compelled to write about the books.

Anyone may write a review. This blog is also happy to republish/mirror reviews of this year’s Dusie chapbooks that were originally published elsewhere, if those publications permit. After you have familiarized yourself with the Dusie project, please email me for details about how to review or reprint a review.